A professional website inspires trust and confidence in your brand. It’s the optimum platform to showcase your brand values, unified message and brand identity.

About Calman Design

Calum Medlock

Director of Calman Design

How does a website help with the running of your business?

A website can enhance local traffic to your business or reach a global audience. It can have a dramatic impact on the digital and physical footfall, brand recognition and the ability to convey a unified message that resonates with your client base. It can portray the ‘trust’ that all consumers look for in brand.

A well-designed website can offer information in all forms – not only text but high-quality images, audio and video. It can contain interactive elements, such as users’ ability to message you, live chat or real-time ordering. A website can be a valuable resource of information whereby clients find answers to questions rather than contacting you directly every time.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to create your own website, but you’ve just not found the time? If you’ve got a business to run, worrying about a website is the last thing you need, so feel free to contact me. Personalised web design is what I do best.

Or maybe you already have a website, but it’s been a rather disappointing experience? Don’t let your own experience of web design limit the potential of your site. Make contact, and let me show you the difference a great redesign can make.

Why you should choose Calman Design


Your website won’t just look good, it will work for you by building awareness, generating traffic and increasing engagement.


Web creation is a collaborative process but, artists need space to work! Trends will be explored but you’ll get to sign off all designs.


Your website will be readily accessible, with responsive design and ease of navigation to work on all devices and reach all clients.

Support Service

I can help you with all stages of creating a website, including finding you a suitable hosting package and maintaining your site.

My Portfolio

Steve Oakes

As a production designer, Steve had his own website for a long while, but he wanted to update it and have a new and simplified look. The legibility and speed of the website were crucial for his work as he will be using the website to demonstrate his creative portfolio to the industry and companies. WordPress with Elementor would enable him to update his website with new content, when more of his projects are completed. Having Elementor makes it possible to curate his work in…

The Gay Gordons

The Gay Gordons reached out to me, looking for a new and updated web presence. They wanted a website that felt modern and colourful, while also being readable and easy to navigate. The new website we created together provides a new system for promoting their new dance classes and events where they can easily enter key information and have their page updated automatically with a post displaying the date and the time, along with a Google map in a clear format…
Jetstone's website with three columns linking to each of its imprints

Jetstone Publishers Ltd

“We had been seeking a clear, well-designed website for some time, but had neither the time nor the expertise to produce or own. We were able to hand the entire project over to Calman Design. All we had to do was supply the necessary information and Calman Design completed the design and even posted the website for us. We have retained them for site maintenance because they made the entire process so simple.” —Keir Daly, Director, Jetstone Publishers Ltd.

Like what you’ve seen so far?

How your website is made

1. Discovery

Once you contact me, we will have a discovery call to get to know each other and for me to find out exactly what you wish to achieve with your website.

2. Planning

In consultation with you, I will develop a plan for your website’s layout, structure and functionality.

3. Designing

This is the creative part where I turn your content into an interactive site: anything is possible, and your input is required and welcomed.

4. Developing

Where web design becomes a reality: all the hard work and planning gets turned into real world results. Your website goes live.

5. Control

After your website is created, you can either take control of it yourself, or I can continue to help you by maintaining it. If you are happy to have a content management system (CMS) that enables you to maintain your website, I will walk you through its functions.


Please use the form below to get in touch. I look forward to working with you!