Deaf Rainbow UK

A Passion Project as a Former Trustee and Web Developer

Deaf Rainbow UK is an important organisation in advocating for and supporting the Deaf LGBTIQA+ community. However, their previous website design was falling short in delivering the full potential of the information and resources available. As a former trustee of Deaf Rainbow UK, and a Deaf gay individual myself, I deeply understand the necessity of accessible web platforms. My connection to the cause motivated me to employ my web development skills for a meaningful overhaul of the website.

I took the initiative to singlehandedly redesign the website. My focus was not only on aesthetics but also on improving the user experience for the deaf community. It was essential to ensure that the website’s content was both accessible and easily comprehensible.

One of the major features I introduced was a search function. A website that serves as a repository of vital information and resources needs to be easily navigable. The search function has proven to be invaluable, as it has been frequently utilised by Deaf Rainbow UK’s audience.

Even though I am no longer a trustee, my dedication to Deaf Rainbow UK continues. Calman Design uses its own resources and time to continuously support and maintain the website. This ensures that Deaf Rainbow UK can keep focusing on its essential work without having to worry about the functionality of its online platform.

The impact of these improvements has been tangible. The website is now more than just a source of information; it has become a comprehensive tool for the community. The ease of navigation and accessibility has strengthened the connection between Deaf Rainbow UK and those it aims to serve.

As someone who is part of both the Deaf and LGBTIQA+ communities, this project was close to my heart. The experience of utilising my skills to significantly contribute to a cause I deeply care about has been profoundly rewarding. Through a combination of technology and a sense of social responsibility, we can empower communities and create platforms that truly make a difference.

Are you a registered charity or non-profit organisation yourself? I understand how difficult it can be in sourcing affordable website projects. Having served as a trustee with Deaf Rainbow UK for over 2 years, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the inner workings and constraints of non-profit organisations.

Recognising the challenges in budget allocation and fundraising, Calman Design is prepared to provide full transparency by offering a detailed breakdown of costs in our quotes. This will help you understand the work involved in website projects and facilitate informed decision-making. It’s important to me that charitable organisations have the means to create an impactful web presence without financial strain.