ELREM Foundation CIC

As a web developer, I worked with the ELREM Foundation CIC, a community interest company that promotes inclusivity and wellness for the Deaf and Disabled community in the UK.

They approached me to design and develop their website with the objective of promoting their transformative initiatives. The website’s purpose was two-fold: firstly, to encourage signups for their various events, and secondly, to boost the organisation’s overall profile and reputation.

Over the course of two months, I partnered with UX/UI Designer Asma Abdelkader to bring this project to fruition. You can view her portfolio here: Asma’s Portfolio. Together, we navigated through each stage of the website project: conceptualising and drafting the content, creating the wireframes, and designing the visual aspects. I then developed the website and carried out extensive testing to ensure smooth functionality and a user-friendly experience.

The design of the website is centred around simplicity and accessibility, key factors when catering to the diverse audience of the ELREM Foundation CIC. We incorporated strong visual elements such as icons and photos to communicate their activities effectively.

As the website is still relatively new, I’m excited to see how the website evolves and contributes to the invaluable work of the ELREM Foundation. Stay tuned for updates on this project and feel free to explore the site.

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“We contracted Calman Design to create an inclusive platform to showcase our community projects for the Deaf and Disabled community. Calum did a fantastic job, his detailed and attentive communication throughout the project focused our intentions to allow a coherent website to be designed and directed us towards the end goal of having an accessible web presence to highlight our work to potential funders and promote ongoing events to participants.”

Alan and Dorothy, Co-founders of ELREM Foundation CIC