Jetstone Publishers Ltd

Jetstone's website with three columns linking to each of its imprints

My first project was for Jetstone Publishers Ltd. They wanted a website that lists and describes all of their published books with links to their Amazon buy pages.

Customers should be able to access information on all of their published books in one place and jump quickly to an e-commerce site where they could be further previewed and purchased. I thought a modern look with classical features would suit them very well.

“We had been seeking a clear, well-designed website for some time, but had neither the time nor the expertise to produce our own. We were able to hand the entire project over to Calman Design. All we had to do was supply the necessary information and Calman Design completed the design and even posted the website for us. We have retained them for site maintenance because they made the entire process so simple.”

Keir Daly, Director, Jetstone Publishers Ltd.

Feel free to check my work out and if you like it, let’s get in touch and discuss what you would like for your new website.