How a Website Can Improve Your Business

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Why is it important for a business to have a good quality website?

You might remember the olden days when people had to visit stores and companies in person or look them up in a phone directory! Of course, if you’re a young business owner, you won’t remember but let’s appreciate how far technology has come and how the digital age has bought us a digital representation of our brand. So many businesses have websites ‘because they should’, and worse still have old websites that don’t accurately reflect how their business has evolved. Having a modern and up to date website can influence your business (in a good way). Having a great website, that is ‘on-trend’, accessible and fast that optimises client engagement and allows online sales or solutions can be game changing!

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This reminds me – the other day when I wanted to get a haircut, and I saw this fancy salon near my home, but it was closed, so I couldn’t get in and say hello and request an appointment. The storefront had no phone number or website link, so I searched online for it, and I was baffled by the lack of online existence. How does one book an appointment, if not in-person anyway? Credibility and roadblocking potential customers is a big no-no in today’s crowded marketplace.

Just having a website is not enough. It should reflect your brand identity and provide solutions to the business owner and provide entrances for potential clients to gain information, book appointments/consultations or purchase online.  First impressions count, especially with the population being increasingly tech savvy and the first thing they do is ‘look you up’. If your website doesn’t inspire and capture interest you will be losing business.

What is a high-quality website, you ask? Your website should be visually appealing (on-trend), well-organised (easy to navigate), functional (operates/loads at speed) and accessible (for more info read my blog on accessibility). It is also necessary to provide critical information that your customers require on a day to day basis such as, opening hours, addresses, contact info, a booking facility or more in-depth information on products or services.

Your visitors want quick answers to their questions, so give them that. Motivate potential clients to do business with you by making it easy.

Why use a professional website designer when you can create a website using pre-designed templates on sites like Wix or Squarespace for a fraction of the cost?

Good question. Why invest in a web designer when you can save money by buying cheaper solutions? There are plenty of reasons why web designers are always busy.

Of course, you would want a professional website that sets your business apart from the market. You can certainly achieve this with website builders, e.g. Wix, Weebly or Squarespace, but it requires a lot of time, energy and learning. However, I must take a stance on this: I do not think using a website builder to make your site is a good idea if you aim to use it on a long-term basis.

Firstly, it is crucial to have a good host, which allows your website to be accessible and load quickly. If you had issues with your website’s slow loading, goodbye customers! Website builders only host your websites on their own servers, and you cannot move your website even if you want to. You’d have to rebuild if you had to move to a different server.

Many customers report inefficient SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, a process that allows your website to rank highly in search engines. Basically, making your business easily findable on search engine results) on these website building platforms.

SEO is too important to leave it to basic website builder protocols or rudimentary suggestions. Professional web designers will always win out in a straight SEO battle.

There are many issues with setting up your websites since your experience only involves dragging and dropping the content where you want it to go. These website builders often have many back-end problems preventing your websites from being seen on Google searches. You’d lose out in business when your competitor is sitting comfortably at the top of the search engines.

If you’re set about building your own website rather than leaving it to a website developer, why not use WordPress? It’s not a website builder, but it is a prevalent content management system (CMS) – WordPress market share accounts for 43.2% of all websites – which offers a high level of customisation. You can use it on any hosting provider.

Many good quality hosting providers offer to help install WordPress on your website. And if you just wanted to create a website using a pre-built template, there are plenty of choices on WordPress Themes or Envato.

If you desire a visually appealing (on-trend), well-organised (easy to navigate), functional (operates/loads at speed), accessible (adaptable for a range of disabled users) website with superb SEO please use a website developer.

The added benefit for you as a business owner is TIME. All business owners desire more of this and by paying an expert you are outsourcing the technical expertise to an EXPERT. If you were a pet shop owner or hairdresser you wouldn’t re-wire the electrics at your property or do the accounts with no prior knowledge or experience in these fields would you? Why do people think they can outsmart the experts when it comes to web design?

Why should you hire Calman Design?

Calum Medlock at Calman Design

We listen (to your needs), learn (your wants) and research (current trends in your sector) and apply all this to a bespoke web package that will grow with your business. We’re looking to meet your vision and provide technological solutions (marketing, sales, automated systems or accessibility) to enhance your business. Why else would you be buying a website from an EXPERT?

Implementing web accessibility standards sets us apart from other web designers. Allowing disabled users to view and explore your site without any unnecessary difficulties, thereby opening a whole new demographic to your business can only increase potential turnover.

We love talking and discussing solutions with new clients and understanding the problems we can solve together. Get in touch today, your business will thank you!


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