Signapse is an innovative company specialising in AI-driven sign language translation, I worked with them to improve their online visibility and reach a broader audience. This project started in October 2022.

SEO Journey

At the start of our collaboration, I focused on making adjustments to improve Signapse’s SEO. This included on-page optimisation and content restructuring. Climbing the search engine rankings would be a gradual process, so we settled in for the long haul.

The website started to increase its engagements on Google Search Result Pages, which was an early sign of positive movement. By December 2022, Signapse’s website traffic skyrocketed by a whopping 263.82%, and engagement increased by 5.23%.

In February 2023, traffic to Signapse’s website increased significantly again by 127.19%, and engagement rate improved by 4.10%. Targeted keywords reached top positions, resulting in a 27.95% increase in visibility and an average position of 4.25 for UK searches. The month also brought about an increase in backlinks, with 48 total backlinks.

In April 2023, Signapse saw a double increase in traffic, with sessions increased by 104.04%, owing much to the publication of new articles we created for them.

Also, in May 2023, we had a remarkable growth in backlinks, which went from 81 to 293 in a single month – a whopping 261% growth!

As of June 2023, we had made incredible progress. Signapse had accumulated a total of 469 backlinks.

Graph depicting Signapse's SEO visibility soaring from near 0 to 60%, indicating remarkable progress.


Our collaboration with Signapse showcased the transformative power of SEO. Through persistent effort, adaptation, and data-driven strategies, Signapse not only improved its online visibility but also unlocked new opportunities. As the SEO landscape continues to evolve, Signapse is well-positioned to leverage its digital presence for continued growth and innovation.

By using as holistic approach to SEO and not focusing on individual facets, we were able to inform Signapse how to improve the their content, planning and collaborations that has fundamentally changed their digital journey moving forward.

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