The Reverse Mentoring Practice

A desktop view of a website with the slogan "We don’t see boundaries."

At Calman Design, we recently had the opportunity to work with The Reverse Mentoring Practice. Our task was to develop a website in keeping with the brand and their ethos for delivering transformative power to people and organisations through reverse mentoring practices. They pride themselves on being disruptive, relentless and the importance of eliminating discrimination in the workplace – one conversation at a time. With the extremely tight deadlines and a broad scope the project proved challenging but ultimately rewarding. We are proud of the results and the project highlighted our team’s ability to deliver exceptional results in demanding deliverables.

Understanding the importance of The Reverse Mentoring Practice’s work – our focus was on creating a website that was not just functional, but also reflective of their diverse approach to mentoring. This meant diving deep into what makes their company unique and portraying it effectively through the website’s design, content and UI experience. Our efforts resulted in a digital representation of ‘The Reverse Mentoring Practice’ vision and ethos.

A responsive website design on multiple devices with the text "We don’t see boundaries."

Once we supplied the finished product (much to the satisfaction of the client), we received some wonderful feedback from Ben, the co-founder of The Reverse Mentoring Practice, “Calum, with the business going for 2 years, we had a chat this week and you’re our favourite supplier to date. You do things on time, you’re flexible, and you give us other information we didn’t expect, so you over deliver and we’re really happy working with you. Thank you for all your effort, you and your team.”

Ben’s endorsement and recommendation on LinkedIn“If you’re looking for a web designer then check out Calum and his team. He was able to work with a loose spec and held our hand to get the result we were after. His adherence to deadlines and communication skills are great and just what you need from a supplier” – attest to our commitment to client satisfaction and overdelivering on customer service, logistics and end-product quality.

Following the success of the website development, we are now embarking on an SEO programme with The Reverse Mentoring Practice. This new phase of our collaboration aims to enhance their online brand visibility and reach new people more effectively.

At Calman Design, we take pride in our ability to meet and exceed client expectations, a commitment that was vividly demonstrated in our work with The Reverse Mentoring Practice.