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In need of an online booking system

ELREM Foundation CIC is currently running a community interest project, Deaf Cycling UK. They aim to address the feelings of exclusion and isolation as well as the lack of communication support and ensure that every Deaf person has the opportunity to participate in cycling training programmes and go on to enjoy a lifetime of safe cycling, whether alone or in groups.

They needed a website to promote the project and centralise their online booking system whilst receiving form submissions. In ensuring the project’s success, the sign-up forms were critical because, without them, they would have been unable to sign their cycling participants up, and no one would have been able to get involved in the project. 

As part of the package, I also provided them with video tutorials that allowed them to learn how to use WordPress and update information. They commented on how easy it was for them to use the WordPress dashboard to make changes on the site after watching these tutorial videos.

Setting up a website to collect sign-ups

There is no doubt that having a booking system within a website is the best way to collect sign-ups. Hence, I provided ELREM Foundation CIC with an attractive, high-end website that promotes their community interest project and motivates people to sign up for the cycling sessions. The sign-up forms also asked the participants to specify which sessions to sign up for and fill in their personal details.

How it helped the client

The booking system also helped them organise participants’ allocation in the cycling sessions. Their sessions were very active, and they had a lot of pictures, so they could create content to post on social media. They also had many engagements on social media, especially getting followed by well-known Deaf organisations such as RNID, SignHealth and UK Deaf Sport. The collection of participant data has allowed feedback to be collected from participants, which is critical to any business but especially a community-funded project.

Project specifications

In the beginning, I worked with ELREM Foundation CIC to ensure that the website’s structure matched their requirements. The plan also had a lot of emphasis on the booking system, so whenever a visitor goes on the site, they will see links to the course pages and learn more about the courses the project is offering.

The project was delivered within a short deadline as they needed to go online and enable sign-ups of participants ahead of the cycling sessions. The clients also had the opportunity to provide feedback on the web design well ahead of the live date.

Once the project was finalised, the clients were delighted with the look and feel of the website and how well it matches their brand identity. They have now been able to sign many cycle participants up for their sessions. I’m interested in knowing how the cycling project will finish up, so here’s to hoping that it will be successful!


‘Calum designed a fantastic website for our community interest project. Under extreme time pressure, the functionality, looks and feel of the website remained at a very high level. Calum even took the time to produce excellent tutorial videos so we could amend our website as and when needed. The tutorials were very helpful and unexpected how easy Calum made for us novice users to amend our high-end website.’

Alan Reed, ELREM Foundation CIC

Calman Design Web Consulting Services

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