ME Brands

Providing Website Redesign for ME Brands

Edward Richards and Matthew Jones are working together to provide logo and branding design services to companies and organisations who need to establish their brand identity or want a new refreshing look for their brands. They launched the website as soon as they joined forces, but they weren’t getting leads through the website, so they were not getting any results.

The website was perfect! What’s wrong?

Of course, a website is an excellent space to showcase their portfolio, but it hadn’t received any engagements. Upon reviewing the website, I noticed that there was no clear call-to-action (CTA), so website visitors would only preview their designs but weren’t encouraged to get in touch with them.

What solution did I provide in the website redesign?

I recommend expanding the website to present more information about ME Brands’ services. Now users didn’t just see their brand design portfolio, but they also got the chance to learn more about their services and were actively offered the option to contact ME Brands. I suggested sprinkling more CTA buttons throughout the website so it’s clear to potential clients that the next step would be to contact Edward and Matthew to inquire about their brand services and how they can help the client.

Website Redesign

ME Brands Website Redesign on iPad and iPhone

The new website has just recently gone live, so this post will be updated with later developments. However, feel free to have a look at the website design and see how well it matches their brand identity. The clients asked for a simple and minimalist design.

They also wanted to retain the flip boxes as it’s a great feature and would prove impressive to website visitors, so I expanded the flip box functionality to display more information and link to each portfolio post. When the clients upload a new design piece, the flip boxes will update automatically to show their new portfolio.

The design perfectly matched the clients’ requirements, and they were very thrilled with how it looked when it went live.

Managing the website

If you’re wondering how the clients manage the website – I have set up the website so that it’s straightforward to oversee details presented on their customised WordPress Dashboard.

Before I started working with them, the dashboard was not very user-friendly, so I went into it and analysed the plugins’ usefulness for the website. After identifying which one to remove, it improved the dashboard’s ease of use, and it also made the website load quicker. Edward was very impressed and said how simple the dashboard felt, and it was now easy for him to manage things within the backend.

Whenever they complete a new project, they would create a post on the website, update the homepage and add a new flip box. This proved time-consuming for them, so in the process of developing the website, I eliminated that process. Now the clients only need to create a new post and everything else happens automatically.


“When we started working with Calum, he listened to us, understood our brief, came back with a website that met more than our expectations. We are very happy with the clean, simple and effective website layout. The old website was slow and cumbersome, the new one is fast and smooth. Calum knows the ins and outs of website builds ensuring that it is fully optimised. We would highly recommend Calman Design to our clients (being brand designers ourselves).” 

—Edward Richards, ME Brands

Calman Design Web Consulting Services

Do take a look at my work for the ME Brands website. If you liked what I’ve done and would like to learn more about my web consulting services, get in touch with me and discuss your web project requirements.

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